Affiliate Products: 10 Important Factors To Consider As You Select Affiliate Products

Published: 07th March 2012
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Marketing affiliate products on your website along with your own products is a profitable venture. Most website owners earn extra income from promoting affiliate products on their websites. However, you don't have to just promote products. There are some important considerations to make prior to selecting the products you intend to market. What are those factors to consider as you plan to start marketing any affiliate product?

Before venturing into affiliate marketing, it's important to think about the products' suitability so that you do not spend your time and energy marketing products that won't give you good returns. I would therefore like to share with you 10 key factors to consider when selecting good affiliate products to promote.

1. Right affiliate product.

The Suitability of the affiliate products you intend to promote on your website is a key factor if you want to benefit from affiliate marketing. You should focus on key aspects like the product's popularity, quality, conversion rate and competitiveness. You should also be able to have enough information about it. As a guide, consider selecting your affiliate products from the best sellers on the internet, which include mainly software, information, private sites and internet services.

2. Relevancy

How relevant is the affiliate product to your business? Is it connected to your niche? It's recommendable to choose a product that is related to the product you basically trade in on your website. For instance, if you provide article submission services on your website, then promoting software that converts articles into videos is related to your core business.

Relevancy of the product is crucial because if you promote products that are not related to your niche or to the main products you market on your website, your targeted customer group may not be interested in those products. This simply means that they will click away without taking the desired action. Don't you think you will have wasted your energy and time marketing affiliate products that don't work for you?

3. Commission

We promote affiliate products to earn some income in form of commission. It's therefore important to find out first how much money you will get for every sale you make. It's equally important to ascertain whether the terms of payment are good for you to run a profitable business.

Ask yourself whether the commission can sustain you in business or not. You can do this by looking at the time and amount of money you invest in your business. It's advisable to promote a product whose return on investment is relatively good and where the commission rate is not less than 50% is good.

Apart from the commission rate, also consider the compensation plan. How good is it? Does it give you an opportunity to grow your business? I recommend joining programs whose compensation plan allows you to earn residual income from various levels of customers below you (your downlines).

4. Demand for the product.

Does the affiliate product have a high customer demand? Does it have the potential to prosper on the market? Does it fulfill the needs of your targeted customer group?

5. Usability of the product.

Is the affiliate product easy to use? Can your targeted customers comprehend it and use it easily? Do they give a free trial for your customers to try it first? This is a vital aspect because most of the products you will promote (such as software) are not physical. But for your targeted customers to buy them, they should be able to use them. Never promote products about which you have inadequate knowledge or information.

6. Requirements

You should find out what is required to market the products. Find out if you are to pay a monthly subscription to keep in business and how much to pay. Is it within your means? Read to find out more about the affiliate program policies, terms and conditions before you begin promoting any affiliate product.

7. Costs involved

Although some affiliate programs are free at the time of joining, you should know that you have spend in some way to remain in business. As you select a product, how much you be spending each month. Is it reasonable and within your budget?

8. Reliability

How dependable is the affiliate program you want to join? What do others say about it? Having a sustainable source of income is another factor to reflect on as you promote affiliate products.

9. Support

Is there any customer support provided to the targeted customers? Does the affiliate program provide enough customer support to its customers? Without a good customer support, it's hard to turn your targeted customers into buyers.

10. Using the product

The best affiliate products to market are those you use in your online business. You can easily market them because you have gained expertise through using them and you can confidently convince your potential customers.

I always promote products I have used and know very well all about them. These include products like auto responders and web hosting. But this does not mean you only market products you use. There are many products you will not directly use but have other qualities I have already pointed out. The onus is on you to select the right affiliate products to market.


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